Apple Storms Back to Life with New iPhones

The naysayers all but wrote off Apple before the new iPhones were introduced to the public as many though Apple had lost its edge and in turn their market share.

After a first weekend of sales that saw the Cuppertino tech behemoth sell nine million new iPhones, there might be some rethinking of business strategy going forward.

The new Apple iPhone 5s has a cutting edge 64-bit processor, M7 motion-sensing chip and fingerprint reader that will end the need for cumbersome passwords. Apple says it is the most forward thinking iPhone to date and would impact the tech and electronics arena in a significant way.

Apple didn’t stop there. They introduced new colors and a lower buy in price for the new iPhone C and surprised everyone with a new gold colored iPhone that sold out in two hours in most locations.

Apple then introduced the new iOS software, iOS 7 and added features that make even older iPhone 4 and 4S users feel like they got a new device, albeit iOS 7 reportedly runs slower on 4 and 4S device according to many tech reviews.

Most iPhone users wanted a bigger screen and for that it is disappointing. Apple iPhone still offers a 4 inch screen, compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 5 inches.

So is now the time to upgrade to new iPhone? For many of the Apple faithful it is a no brainer. A simple survey found that three-percent of men would break up with their current love interest for the new iPhone.

Both the 5S and 5C will offer significant improvements in performance, the 5C a lower price point if you are willing to sign on for two years and the Touch IDO fingerprint reader is kind of cool. But is it enough?

There are still a lot of Apple iPhone owners are still looking for the bigger screen and will hang on for the iPhone 6. After all its easier than looking for a new girlfriend.