Projectors Made For Mobile Devices Improve


In 2014 we saw a rise in mini projectors for Apple and Android products. Particularly the growth of pico projectors has allowed for better use of business presentations, and an increase in visual entertainment on the go. With tablets becoming a household product for everyone, it is likely we will see a new rise in […]

Apple Storms Back to Life with New iPhones


The naysayers all but wrote off Apple before the new iPhones were introduced to the public as many though Apple had lost its edge and in turn their market share. After a first weekend of sales that saw the Cuppertino tech behemoth sell nine million new iPhones, there might be some rethinking of business strategy […]

Valve Plans to Release Linux Based Gaming Console


Gamers along with the tech industry is excited as Valve has cleared the air about the release of a more powerful and compact operating system and gaming device which can run across all prospects and channels of living room hardware. According to a statement by Valve “As we have been working towards bringing Steam to […]

Installation Files And Resources


Installation manual for Red Dog Linux 7 – Guide is Here Yellow Dog Linux Mirrors – Go Here Additional support for PS#, Apple and POwer PC – Get it here Guide to installing version 6.1 – Visit Here Additional guides will be added as time goes on. Please be aware that we are rebuilding access […]

Linux Downloads


Please be patient as this page is updated slowly with the proper links. Yellow Dog Announcements Yellow Dog Announce Announce list for all Fixstars’ products and relations (moderated)   Yellow Dog General Discussion list for all Yellow Dog Linux User Topics Yellow Dog Updates Announce list for Yellow Dog Linux Errata (moderated) Powerstation Discussion list for the PowerStation media-relations Fixstars’ […]

Differences Between Linux And Windows Based Hosting Servers

Most web hosting companies use either one of two operating systems on their servers. Those two are Windows and Linux. What is the difference between the two and how do they effect your web hosting? Linux is one of the most prevalent operating systems for web hosting, because it is inexpensive and fairly easy to […]