Projectors Made For Mobile Devices Improve

In 2014 we saw a rise in mini projectors for Apple and Android products. Particularly the growth of pico projectors has allowed for better use of business presentations, and an increase in visual entertainment on the go.

With tablets becoming a household product for everyone, it is likely we will see a new rise in 2015 of growth with tablets possessing the capability to display their own projection without the need for an external device. While we may not see a direction by way of companies like Apple to immediately incorporate projectors for iPad or iPhone, we may likely see testing from companies such as Lenovo and possibly Samsung.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet has already featured this option, and time has yet to tell how users will respond to this option. Will it become mainstream among users, or have the capabilities of having a projector available for movies and your favorite subscriptions to programs like NBA league pass too far into the future to be realized yet?

It beginning to look like 2015 may be just that year with the advancements in watches not really taking off as well as expected, we may see a redirection of efforts by electronic brands to jump on the bandwagon of the next best thing.