Valve Plans to Release Linux Based Gaming Console

Gamers along with the tech industry is excited as Valve has cleared the air about the release of a more powerful and compact operating system and gaming device which can run across all prospects and channels of living room hardware. According to a statement by Valve “As we have been working towards bringing Steam to living rooms, we have finally decided and concluded that the environment best suited in bringing value to customers is an OS built around Steam itself. SteamOS will be available soon as a stand-alone OS for living room machines and hardware.”

Luckily for the OS, it features a solid architecture built on a powerful and equally integrative gaming experience solely for the big screen. Projections have it that the operating system will increase performance and operational efficiency simply because home owners will not have to give up on their library when switching devices as SteamOS is designed to run on any living room hardware machine. This innovation has reverberated the earlier silent and handicapped domestic living room environment which was limited to a number of software and operating systems which unfortunately, was less compatible than adaptable like a chameleon dwelling on one pleasing color.

The post by Valve continues “In SteamOS, we have successfully achieved an increase in graphic performance and processing and currently we are targeting audio reductions in input latency at the OS level. Therefore, this has seen game masterminds and developers taking advantage of the gains as SteamOS has been a highly targeted niche for new releases by developers.” This has reflected that Valve is not only working on games as efforts to channel streaming TV, video, music and movie content into SteamOS are underway. Therefore, media content providers are working in tandem with Valve to see that the innovation in the entertainment niche is attained hence relieving users off the hassles that come with old-style and old-fashioned technological systems and trends.

The new product by Valve has been stated to support family sharing where active players can take turns sampling the library hence earning themselves achievements via family sharing. This has been a beauty on its own allowing valve to increasingly differentiate itself via marketing analytics as well as business process outsourcing services. This linux gaming console has also combined efforts with many other features and now the new breed has been labeled a ‘corporative platform’ as content developers will be able to handle communications with prospective clients and customers solely through the help of SteamOS.

Gabe Newell’s appearance at the Linuxco concluded the announcement about the launching of the operating system where he said that Valve was looking towards a more compact design and open platform for Linux. This is because the earlier closed propriety Linux platforms have not succeeded in offering a grand unification between the desk top, living room and mobile which is the core objective of Valve. Thankfully, as many developers lag in the implementation of interoperable systems that can increase user experience and improve OS performances, then, SteamOS by Valve will always be there to solve these inefficiencies.